This site host the data comming from the last Symbian Fondation website. I'm using it as a personnal repository but I'm welcome you to use it as well. I do not own any copyright on the material but AFAIK the content has been published in under an Open Source or Creative Common licence, depending the matter. I'm fully aware of some missing files but I'm doubful I can fix it. If it turn out you have access to missing files, I'll be happy to add them to the existing content for fullfilness. This site is handled a hobby and I do hope it will not be crashed down, as I don't want to spend time on keeping it alive.

Mirmit 2011/01/31

you can contact me at the following address: contact at symlab dot org


This is a webcrawling of the site as is was in late december 2010, before the plug was removed.

Symbian developer wiki This is a new install of MediaWiki with the content

Tim Mrphy informed me the Raptor build system is open source again and can be visited at and